What are tog ratings?

What are tog ratings is a question which many people seem slightly confused about because while it is often mentioned on bedding and duvet sites what exactly does it mean? In simple terms the term tog is an industry description of the specific warmth of an individual duvet or item of bedding. The higher the tog rating the warmer the duvet hence the reason why low tog duvets are used in the summertime and the high tog duvets are used in the wintertime. The tog rating system is based upon a scale from 4.5 tog up to 13.5 tog.

Overall you may see mention of a 4.5 tog duvet, 6 tog, 7.5 tog, 9 tog, 10.5 tog, 12 tog and 13.5 tog which are the more popular tog ratings used today. Depending upon how warm you like to be when you are sleeping and the seasons of the year this would in theory dictate the type and style of duvet which would be more beneficial to you. Click on the link above for more information about the tog rating system and the chance to buy duvets online or click on the individual tog ratings at the beginning of this paragraph for access to specific duvets in these particular groups.