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union jack bedding

There is great demand for Union Jack bedding and in particular Union Jack duvet covers which although retaining the same basic pattern and style are now available in a range of different themes. We have listed the five most popular Union Jack duvet covers below and you will see that they are very different, very colourful, very eye-catching and offer excellent value for money. As we approach the Olympic Games there seems to be an increase in demand for Union Jack merchandise which is now widely available across the Internet.

So whether you yourself are looking for some form of Union Jack bedding or perhaps you have a friend, colleague or family member who needs new bedding then look no further. It is amazing how the designers have found a way in which to give each and every piece of bedding a very different style and a very different look while retaining the basic Union Jack flag. There is also range of matching pillowcases and other accessories which can literally change the look and feel of your bedroom in an instant.

Union Jack Single Duvet set

kirstie allsopp bedding

Vibrant New Design

This particular duvet cover design gives a clear yet urban look and is proving to be very popular with young children and young adults.


kirstie allsopp bedding

Reversible Duvet Cover

This duvet cover this manufactured in a rock ‘n’ roll style with a crumpled yet distinctive look. It also comes with matching pillowcases for that extra finish.

Union Jack Double Duvet set

kirstie allsopp bedding

Double Duvet Cover

As you can see from the picture, this particular Union Jack duvet cover is bright, breezy and very eye-catching. It is no surprise it is proving very popular.

Zap Union Jack Single Duvet

kirstie allsopp bedding

Zap Duvet Cover

This particular duvet cover is perhaps the most eye-catching and colourful of them all. The design is bright and clean offering a basic style and theme.


kirstie allsopp bedding

Rock Chick Duvet Cover

The Rock Chick look and feel of this particular duvet cover incorporates a number of Union Jacks and is proving to be very popular. It is not difficult to see why.

Novelty bedding in the shape of flags, football teams and other very popular subjects has never been as popular as it is today. Whichever team you support, whatever country you are from or indeed whatever colour and style of duvet cover you are looking for there will be something for you. Prices have also fallen over the last few years and there are some excellent bargains to be had. There are also many regular promotions and price reduction deals and many companies now offer free delivery. So why not grab yourself something different at a price you can afford and have it delivered direct to your doorstep.

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