More funny and bizarre duvet covers

To continue our range of funny and bizarre duvet covers we bring you three more for you to look at and smile and then remember that some of these are actually in production! How strange that something as simple as a duvet cover can come in so many shapes, sizes and different styles and ultimately make you laugh.

Make Tea Not War duvet cover

This Make Tea Not War duvet cover is very ironic in the world today where there is tension and friction amongst many of the worldwide population. However, this Make Tea Not War duvet cover gives a very clear message to those looking to make life more complicated than ever. If only people took heed of this message from this very different duvet cover!

Wild Promises duvet cover

This Wild Promises duvet cover is something for the love birds out there and gives a very simple and very concise message. It is also something which will put a smile on your face which is something which we are all looking for. Many of these funny and bizarre duvet covers carry very strong messages which are passed over by laughter!

Sheep duvet cover

We all remember the old saying of counting Sheep if we can’t get to sleep well now is your chance to count Sheep on this Sheep duvet cover and ensure you drop off as soon as possible. We seem to find Sheep very relaxing for some bizarre reason and this duvet cover, while funny and a little strange, does actually catch the eye and is rather relaxing!

This is the kind of duvet cover which would not look out of place in the bedroom of anyone in the world - whatever their age, lol

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