Funny duvet covers, bizarre duvet covers

There are many funny duvet covers and bizarre duvet covers out there and we have managed to get a few pictures which you might enjoy. If you know of any other interesting or bizarre duvet covers then simply add a comment to the bottom of this post and we will checkout the details.

IPhone duvet cover (Have you seen the new iPhone Pillow)

In this new world of technology it has not taken long for somebody to put together an iPhone duvet cover which just looks like the gadget itself. This is so lifelike it is often difficult to remember it is just a mockup of a duvet cover and not in full production. However, is this a duvet cover which you might enjoy buying in the future?

Panda duvet cover

There are many animal duvet covers out there but this Panda duvet cover is something a little different and something a little bizarre. Whether it is the big dark eyes, the slightly different background or the angle at which the Panda duvet cover is presented it looks very different and something which will catch the eye of many people.

Cardboard duvet cover

This cardboard duvet cover has been doing the rounds for some time now but it is the most lifelike, bizarre and surprisingly magnetic duvet cover we have come across for some time. The image looks, and also gives the impression of feeling, like cardboard when in fact it is material with cardboard print. If we can produce a cardboard duvet cover then what else can we produce?

We will bring you more bizarre and funny duvet covers in the future.

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