Super King Size Bed Dimensions

So what are super king-size bed dimensions and will it make a major difference to the quality of your sleep during the night? The dimensions of a UK super king-size bed are 72 inches x 80 inches or 1.83 m x 1.98 m. When you compare this to the size of a single bed they are actually twice as wide therefore give you more than enough room to roll around during your sleep.

Would you get a better sleep in a super king-size bed?

The only major element to take into account with regards to quality of sleep is whether you are comfortable in your bed and in your bedroom. It is obvious therefore that a larger bed, which would give you more room to move, should in theory give you a better night sleep and can significantly improve your mood in the morning.

Super King size bedding

One problem which has arisen over the last few years is the fact that while super king-size beds are more popular today than ever before it can be difficult to get hold of super king-size bedding. Therefore we are aiming to bring you an array of bedding which you can choose from to give your bedroom that theme and that look you require.

Super king-size mattresses

Many people will not be aware that the official size of any bed is measured by the mattress required to fill that bed. Therefore the dimensions of a super king-size mattress are the same as the dimensions of a super king-size bed. There are some excellent mattresses available on the market today with costs from anywhere up to a few thousand pounds. However, thankfully they do start in the low hundreds and offer excellent value for money.

Super king-size duvets

There is no point in buying a super king-size bed unless you have the funds available to do this particular piece of bedding justice. Super king-size duvets are readily available across the board taking in everything from polyester duvets to the luxury end which includes Hungarian Goosedown duvets. These offer a very different style and very different experience although ultimately it will depend upon your budget as to what you are able to afford.

Super king-size duvet covers

Thankfully we are starting to see more and more super king-size duvet covers on the market today and indeed the Amazon bedding section has a large array available. There are different colours, different patterns, different styles and ultimately very different budgets. Such is the quality of UK bedding at the moment that you are unlikely to find even the cheapest super king-size duvet covers of a substandard quality therefore you can rest assured that whatever you buy will give you a great night sleep.

Quality of sleep

More and more people are now concerned about the quality of their sleep which can be interrupted by things which occur in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you are unable to go home, settle down and enjoy a good night sleep then effectively you will be waking up tomorrow morning with the same problems, same troubles and the same thoughts. The ability to wake up fresh, ready for the day and with a clear mind is something which many of us see as near impossible when in reality just a simple act such as changing your bed or your bedding can make a massive difference. We often forget how important sleep is to our everyday lives although thankfully more and more people are now beginning to realise the important part it plays.

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