Tree Fu Tom Duvet Cover

It has been announced that FremantleMedia Enterprises together with publishing partner the BBC has agreed a number of licensing arrangements for the Tree Fu Tom character. These will take in everything from books to nightwear, from bags, wallets and umbrellas to lunchware as well as Tree Fu Tom duvet covers and Tree Fu Tom bedding.

The Tree Fu Tom series itself has attracted massive interest from children around the globe taking in a magical world of fantasy and action. Former Doctor Who stars Sophie Aldred and David Tennant are two of the more famous names associated with the characters from the show adding their voice-overs to the series. The series is currently airing on CBeebies and many in the industry expect to see massive growth in demand in the short, medium and longer term.

While the licensing arrangements have only just been agreed we will bring you more information and relevant details of the bedding and duvet covers as and when available.

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