Beano comic duvet cover set

Beano DuvetWho would have guessed we would have seen the release of two Beano comic duvet cover sets based upon the famous comic book which goes back many years. We all remember the Beano, we all remember Dennis the Menace, we all remember Gnasher and the rest of the gang getting up to mischief. The beauty of these beano duvet covers is the fact that they will not only appeal to young children who like comics and cartoon characters but they will also appeal to the older generation who are more aware of the comic itself.

There are two different types which include: –

Beano comic single duvet cover plus pillowcase

This duvet cover shows a number of scenes from the original comic featuring Dennis the Menace and his famous sidekick Gnasher. We’re not quite sure what they are up but we can guarantee that it will be cheeky, naughty and fun. The very fact these are from the officially licensed Beano merchandise range should give you a degree of comfort regarding value for money, durability and quality.

Beano Single Duvet Cover + Pillowcase

Beano Single Duvet

Beano Bedding

Why not treat yourself to something a little different and eye catching.

Beano squares single duvet cover plus pillowcase

This Beano squares duvet cover is a slightly different design from the other piece of bedding available in that it is cut into a number of squares which feature either Dennis the Menace, Gnasher or both of them together. You can see from the picture that the pillowcase is certainly very eye-catching and something which the children will love.

Beano Squares Duvet Cover + Pillowcase

Beano Squares Duvet

Beano Duvet

These duvet covers will certainly bring back memories for many people!

We have seen some old characters rolled out by companies in the bedding sector but this Beano bedding range has certainly caught the eye of many people.

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