John Lewis bedding range

The John Lewis bedding range continues to grow and the company seems to bring out more competitive and more quality products each and every year. There is an ongoing John Lewis clearance sale which covers every angle in the bedding sector and offers some excellent value for money. However, for many people it is the ability to literally shop online as and when they want, at a convenient time, and ensure that every link is delivered direct to their doorstep within just a matter of days. The various sections of the John Lewis bedding range include:-

John Lewis duvet covers

Whether you are looking for adult duvets, children’s duvets, plain duvets or plain duvets you have certainly come to the right place with some clearance sale bedding available for less than £10. We all know that quality bedding can literally change the look and feel of any bedroom within a few short moments and also improve your sleeping pattern.

John Lewis fitted sheets

There is nothing better than jumping into bed with fitted sheets which ensure there is no slipping and sliding during the night and no waking up in the morning to find your bedsheet has disappeared. Whatever colour, whatever style and whenever budget you have there is no doubt that John Lewis fitted sheets will be just perfect.

John Lewis flat sheets

The range of John Lewis flat sheets covers every colour and combination you can think of with items available from as low as six pound upwards. These are quality products, manufactured to the highest level and available for home delivery within just a few days. This is the perfect opportunity to match your current bedding with a range of flat sheets.

John Lewis pillowcases

We all shop around for duvets, duvet covers and bedsheets but one thing we often forget is pillowcases. Thankfully the John Lewis pillowcase range offers a wide selection of colours, materials, prices and softness. A quality pillowcase can often lead to a much more comfortable night’s sleep, something which we are all after in the end!

John Lewis valances

A valance can make a major difference to the look and feel of your bed and your bedroom in general. Thankfully the John Lewis valance range has everything you could ever hope for with regards to material, size, colour and budget, all of which are available for direct delivery to your home address.

John Lewis duvets

Not only do John Lewis stock and sell their own range of the John Lewis duvets but they also incorporate the very best of duvets available from other manufacturers. It is near impossible to describe how a quality duvet can make a massive difference to your quality of sleep and ultimately your long-term health. When you consider how long we spend in bed, hopefully sleeping, can you imagine the difference it would make with a quality John Lewis duvet?

John Lewis pillows

From memory foam pillows to goose feather pillows you will not need to look any further than the John Lewis pillows section. As we suggested above, the quality of your pillow, pillowcase and general bedding can have a massive impact upon your quality of sleep and in some cases your health. Just the slightest improvement in your quality of sleep can have a major impact upon your output at work and your general well-being.

John Lewis pillow protectors

Many of us will never have considered a John Lewis pillow protector which comes in a variety of different materials, zipped, quick drying and other very useful variations. Prices start from well under five pound offering excellent value for money and the chance to prolong the life of your pillow and hopefully improve your sleep.

John Lewis mattress toppers

John Lewis mattress toppers are proving more and more popular as people wake up to the idea of a mattress topper and what they can do for them. A mattress topper simply lays on top up your mattress and come in a variety of different styles which include heated mattress toppers and even memory foam mattress toppers. You really have to try these bedding products to see exactly what they do and the benefit you will feel almost immediately.

John Lewis mattress protectors

When you spend hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds on a quality mattress it seems rather bizarre that many people forget the benefits of mattress protectors. A John Lewis mattress protector will help to extend the life of your mattress and they come in a variety of different styles and prices. Whether you are looking for a decorative mattress protector, under blanket or a simple sheet to lay over the top, there will be something for you.

John Lewis bedspreads

To many people a bedspread is simply a duvet cover but this is not quite the case as John Lewis bedspreads come in a variety of different patterns and very colourful designs. Some people tend to call these bed quilts because they are slightly thicker and slightly warmer than your traditional duvet or duvet cover. The price of John Lewis bedspreads varies widely therefore offering the opportunity to acquire one, whatever your budget.

John Lewis electric blankets

Morphy Richards and Dreamland are the best-known electric blanket manufacturers in the UK and their product ranges are widely available in the John Lewis Electric blanket section. In years gone by many people associated electric blankets with perhaps those in their later years but in reality an electric blanket can make a massive difference on those cold winter evenings.

John Lewis throws

John Lewis sofa throws, John Lewis bed throws and other similar products are literally flying off the shelves because not only do they offer the chance to change the look and feel of your bedroom and your bedding in an instant but the offer added protection and extend the life of your bedding. Prices range from anywhere under £10 to as high as you are willing to pay and they come in a variety of different colours, styles and patterns. Have you really considered the purchase of a bed throw?

John Lewis blankets

John Lewis blankets come in handy for many different occasions from additional warmth on your bedding to extra comfort on your sofa, from a long journey in the car to something to snuggle up to at night time. Whatever colour, whatever style and whenever budget you have you will not be disappointed.

John Lewis bedroom cushions

John Lewis bedroom cushions come in all shapes, sizes, textures, patterns and colours and when we say there will be something for you we are not exaggerating. The price of a John Lewis bedroom cushion can range from anywhere under £10 to as high as you want to pay and quite frankly they do offer something very different to your bedroom. A simple change of bedroom cushions can have an impact upon the general atmosphere and the feeling in your room.

John Lewis children’s bedding

While many people tend to associate John Lewis with adult bedding and other similar products the company does have a relatively large children’s bedding range. The John Lewis children’s bedding section covers everything from duvets to duvet covers, from sheets to pillowcases, from bedroom furniture to lighting and anything else you can think of. There are some very competitive prices as well, something which many people tend to forget!

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