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Orange duvets, orange duvet cover

Orange duvets, orange duvet cover

There is something warm and welcoming about orange duvets which can immediately change the atmosphere and look of any bedroom. Whether you’re looking for a light orange duvet set, dark orange duvet covers of possibly orange striped duvet sets there should be something for you which will fit the look and feel of your bedroom.

There is an enormous range of orange duvet shades available as well as various orange bedding accessories to complete that new look. While many people look for themed duvets and character duvets the basic colour duvet market continues to be very popular. Orange is a colour which seems to breed warmth and is sure to offer a very comfortable nights sleep to the lucky recipient. As we have mentioned on numerous occasions the duvets of today are more durable, often better value for money, available in a larger range of colours and machine washable.

Bright orange duvet cover

Bright orange duvet coverOrange is a colour which can be difficult to integrate into a bedroom design and a bedroom theme but this bright orange duvet cover will certainly take charge of your eyes as you enter the room. As you can see from the picture, it has a variety of different flowers and patterns on the duvet cover and presents a number of different shades of orange from light orange right through to burnt orange. The matching pillowcases also add to the look and feel of your bedroom with this very bright and very breezy duvet cover.

Misha orange soft touch printed duvet cover

Misha orange soft touch printed duvet coverThis Misha orange soft touch printed duvet cover set is one of the more subtle duvet covers available in the colour of orange. While the duvet cover itself is dominated by the white background it is the orange shaded flowers and patterns which catch the eye and give a very fresh and a very light feel to your bedroom. This duvet cover also comes with matching pillowcases for that overall effect and is also available in a variety of different sizes.

Sumi orange soft touch duvet cover sets

Sumi orange soft touch duvet cover setsThis Sumi orange soft touch duvet cover is dominated by an array of orange flowers which give a very busy and very warm feeling to this particular duvet set. Such is the design and the nature of the pattern that it is difficult to see from the picture that it actually comes with matching pillowcases as well. Orange is always renowned as a very warm and a very relaxing colour which is just what you need for those cold winter nights.

Fusion orange and cream duvet cover

Fusion orange and cream duvet coverOrange and cream tend to go together very well with regards to bedding and this fusion orange and cream duvet cover is a prime example of this. Somehow it manages to give off a very warm feel with a darker than normal orange shade and the cream lining seems to brighten up the overall theme itself. Due to the presence of a cream and a dark orange colour this is the kind of duvet set which can go with a variety of different bedroom themes and bedroom colours.

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